Getting Sufficient Rest Can Improve Your Learning Of Piano

Let me share with you something fascinating that I have just found our recently about learning the piano. One always thinks that learning the piano and mastering it is simply about practice. However, did you know that you should also ideally get sufficient rest to truly master playing the piano? That is right. Another interesting thing I found out recently what is the best age to learn the piano – it is NOT what you think it is!.

Let me share more about what I found out about this.

Over the last decade of so, there has been scientific researchers who actually took a close look at the brainwave patterns of volunteers. They looked at the patterns to see if there was correlation and/or causation between learning the piano and sufficient sleep/rest. These volunteers were taught a sequential finger-tapping task, which is highly similar to that of playing the piano.

During the first few nights of the research, all volunteers slept sufficient number of hours and had good rest. Their skills then improved drastically the next day.

However, on the 4th day, these same volunteers were taught and then suddenly woken up in the middle of the night with just 3 to 4 hours of sleep that night. It is found that the participants of the research was not able to get equally good improvements as the first few days. So why is that the case?

It has been found that this happened because the volunteers were not able to reach deep sleep during the last night. Muscle memory learning was not as efficient was the person was not able to get sufficient rest and sleep.

The results of the research clearly showed that participants performed much better when they had a good sleep.

‘The mechanisms of memory consolidations regarding motor memory learning were still uncertain until now,’ said

Study lead author Doctor Masako Tamaki, of Brown University in the United States, said that deep sleep enables the brain to consolidate learning. Distractions and new inputs are also far fewer when one is in deep sleep, so is able to consolidate learning better. Therefore, do not understand the importance of sleeping when it comes to mastering the piano. Even though they may sound unrelated, they are more related than you may think!

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