How To Easily Ace Your Piano ABRSM Pieces

In the piano ABRSM exams, the pieces take up the largest portion of the exam’s marks. Therefore, it is important that you score well in the pieces so that you can easily score a distinction in the overall piano ABRSM practical exams. Make sure you get piano lessons from a good piano teacher in Singapore so scoring a distinction becomes way easier for you too. Visit SG Learn Piano if you want to look for a good piano teacher in Singapore. They will find you a highly great reviewed piano teacher in no time at all!

Anyway, while many Singaporean students do not have much problems with the pieces, I would still like to share some tips with you.

First of all, you should always have practice sessions where you go through the entire exam procedure. This is to make sure that you will be used to the actual exam day. Some people practise each song normally, and yet never carry out mock exams. This difference can make you nervous during the actual exam. During a normal practice, you may break down the pieces into various segments and practise on them. If you make a mistake, you will probably keep trying to correct it. However, you want to hold practice sessions where you have to go through the entire song in one go as though you were playing the piano pieces during the actual ABRSM practical exam.

Second of all, always make sure to keep your forearms in particular warm. When your forearm muscles are cold, you tend to type slower. This is because of physiological changes in your body. When that happens, your fingers may not be as nimble enough to perform the piano pieces as well as you should. Always keep yourself warm by wearing or bringing a jacket to the examination location.

Third of all, if you are a student in a Singapore school, chances are, there is a public piano in your school. Although it can feel awkward to play your actual exam piano pieces on a public piano, that is exactly what you must do. The reason for this is because you want to feel as awkward as possible during your mock exam sessions or practice sessions. Practise as though it was your exam, and your actual exam will feel as though it is just a typical practice session. When you get through the awkwardness the first time or first several times you do this, you will get used to it. After that, no amount of awkward silence of tense atmosphere in the exam room can possibly unnerve you. This is a simple but powerful trick I have for you!

For technical tips, refer to the following video.

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